Facial skin cleansing

Especial attention shall be paid to skin cleansing. The skin shall be thorougly cleaned with special means and it is not supposed to be touched with hands so that no impurities could occur on it and infammations would be avoided. Deep facial cleansing may be performed only at the professional cosmetologist.

Care of sensitive, irritated skin

Procedure for sensitive, irritated skin is based on a fitotherapy principle. This procedure is designated to irritated, scaling, damaged by cuperosis skin. This is an excellent refreshment for the skin, constantly suffering from the negative effect of outer environment.

Care of problematic, pimpled skin

Here it is being eliminated shining, viscosity, redness of skin, balanced the activity of grease glands, cleaned the clogged pores and stopped multiplication of bacteria.

Care of dehydrated, greasy skin

Procedure for dehydrated skin, which lost stifness, is tired and lost vitality. Dehydrated skin with disordered water balance; the symptoms are as following: scaling, increased sensitivity, courseness, occurance of spots of altered colour on the skin. The effect moisturizes, calms, provides skin with smooth, stiff and youthlike appearance.

Procedure for reducing wrinkles

This is a full anti-wrinkle care without micro injections. As an ingredient, the pure micro-dermoxin neutralizes micro tensions of the skin, smoothens wrinkles, recreates facial oval shape and increases the elasticity and stifness of the skin.

Procedure for stopping aging

This is a facial procedure with soy; it eliminates an unpleasant skin tension, improves stifness of the skin, elasticity and tone. Effect: youthens face, prevents the occurence of new wrinkles and premature skin aging process.

Procedure for recreation of facial oval shape

Union of citokins and oxygen is the key to „eternal youth". During the procedure there are being reinstated the intercellular connections, cells are filled with oxygen. Citokins reinstate the functions of skin cells, force cells to produce the missing substances, regulate the reinstating functions of the skin.

Procedure for facial youthening

Procedure of cosmetic lifting, which fights the skin aging the best: losing of facial shape, dehydration, appearance of wrinkles. During the procedure facial skin is affected by „Lipo-filling". This is the reinstating of the adipocytes‘ amount there, where the extract of Combucha fungus has the effect: cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants and organic acids, which ideally adjusts facial proportions, stimulates the production of adipocytes, reinstates the hypoderma layer of fat, protects colagen fibres, strengthens the protective function of epidermis.

„Hydro-filling" effect performs the momental skin tension, moisturizes and provides with the feeling of comfort. The complex with Sesam extract fills wrinkles, reinstates the balance of moisture, provides with softness and the face gains clear outline.

Procedure for under-eye skin

It is necessary to stiffen the under-eye skin; thin and fragile skin quickly becomes slack, there appear the under-eye bags, mimic wrinkles. This procedure improves the lymph outage, there are reinstated stifness and vitality, filled the mimic wrinkles, eliminated the under-eye bags.

Relaxing facial massage

Massage helps to eliminate stress, activates blood circulation, lymph flow, provides with a state of serenity. Forget the usual facial care routine and allow yourself to enjoy the sophisticated, unrepeatable technique of manual facial skin massage.

Procedure for reducing stress and eliminating tiredness

The main task of stress balance line is the quick reinforcement of skin‘s protective-barrier function, at the same time reinstating moisture and phenomena, accompanying the following: redness, spots, skin tension, dryness. Special products will soothe and provide skin with softness and comfort.