Complex: Turkish steam bath + Jacuzzi

Steam stimulates skin layers, normalizes the activity of fatty gland, there are improved the elasticity and tone of the skin, water balance is being reinstated, skin becomes younger. The body accelerates the biochemical processes, going on in it, sweat glands work better, steam sauna helps to remove toxins from the organism. Steam sauna exercises the cardiovascular system, activates the substances‘ circulation, burns calories.
Lovers of extremal senses on their way out of the bath may refresh with a gush of icy water, flushed from a wooden bucket.

Unique Jacuzzi (mini swimming pool)

A massage by the powerful water stream for the entire body. The nozzles are pointed to those body places which exactly are supposed to be massaged. Streams massage the body and force the blood to circulate faster, there improves the brain blood circulation, it strengthens the nervous system and stops cellulite.
Stream power equals to falling of sea wave from 1.5 m.


Infrared rays penetrate the body, warm up the tissues, organs, muscles, bones and joints, accelerate blood circulation. There are removed the dead cells, skin becomes smooth, stiff and elastic. Due to excessive sweating there open even those pores, which have been non-functional for many years already. Facial colour becomes nicer, wrinkles become smooth, skin becomes younger. Due to the expansion of blood and lymph vessels there goes on the „expulsion" of hypoderma cellulite accumulations, therefore the cabin of infrared rays is an excellent additional measure of any anti-cellulite program.
During the half an hour session there are burnt from 900 to 2400 calories, and that may be compared to 10-15 km that you have covered.