Solarium "Sun glow"

It is safe and pleasant to tan in the solarium, it is guaranteed by the most advanced technologies of solarium; where the skin is being cooled, moisturized and the aroma of exotic plants is spreading around. If you apply the means, designated for tan, the skin will look beautiful and flawless.

Spray self-contained tan "Sun shower"

Do you wish quick, natural, golden tan of the entire body?
Prefer just brown legs?
Face and décolletage, accentuated with beauty elixir - it is excellent!

This a cabin with an installed newest tan technology, which does not use UV rays. This technology has been created for those, who have sensitive skin or just cannot get suntan. This is natural tan, which you can continue on the beach or solarium. You can look like Hollywood stars, on the stage, in the whirl of dancing ...