Adjustment of body shapes and volumes (Vacuum massage apparatus "Starvac SP2")

Slimming body massage

While performing the slimming vacuum massage there is activated lymph outage, stimulated the microcirculation of skin and hypoderma; it accelerates the adhesion of fatty cells, skin becomes smooth and stiff; there decrease the volumes of buttocks in the areas of thighs and waist.

Lymph drainage body masage

Lymph drainage vacuum massage is designated to drain the liquids; it is performed by movements from the end of the legs to the top, there is generated temporary pressure of tissues by moving tips and rolls. The massage improves lymph flow, allows faster removal of toxins, it activates the activity of secretion glands, improves blood circulation, supply of skin with oxygen. It is applied in case of cellulite, swellings of legs and performed before anti-cellulite procedures.

Anticellulite body massage

The task of anti-cellulite massage is to fragment the hypodermic fatty tissue, remove toxic substances from the organism, improve blood circulation of the skin and muscles; it makes the skin more elastic. It relaxes, tones, improves general condition, mood and sleep. Feeling of warmth and lightness, which appears after the procedure will provide with vitality and energy.

Stiffening body massage

Vacuum massage reinstates stiffness to slack skin after surgeries, in case of great weight loss after pregnancy. In the tissues being massaged there are produced biologically active substances, therefore there improve the processes of skin regeneration; there are removed dead cells, stimulated the activity of sweat and fatty glands; there improve the elasticity and stiffness of the hypoderma layer.

Body wrap-up procedures

Body wrap-up: salts, algae, mud, oils (a heated matrace with a blanket).

Detoxicating body massage

This is an essential step, allowing to cleanse the skin and properly prepare it for further care. Especially effective in fighting cellulite is body wrap-up. These are masks, diffrerent activators, means of silt, algae, mud, gel, creams and other means, enriched with microelements, caffeine, sea salts, essential oils. By performing the detoxicating procedure and strengthening epidermis it helps to avoid the fatigue of cells and increases the effectiveness of skin care products.

Stiffening body wrap-up

Heated talasotherapy is an especially effective procedure, bringing back the shapes of youthlike body, stiffness of muscles and skin vitality. Algae of the Dead Sea, mild peeling, wrap-up calm down the entire body, remove the accumulated liquids; skin becomes vital and elastic.

Slimming body wrap-up

Slimming procedure with sea algae. This „cocktail" of active sea compounds has a powerful mineralization, detoxication and cell regeneration effect. Iodine is one of the main elements of sea algae and it effectively works on cellulite, helps to remove fat. The wrap-up provides skin with possibility to recover the balance of minerals and oligoelements.

Sultan‘s massage

Sultan‘s massage: foam will cover your entire body like a huge cloud, melting foam mantle will soothe and gently caress the skin. Light massage in the soap foam is the real felicity for body and soul. While wrapped-up in a warm robe, the ritual of apple tea will plunge you into a whirl of thoughts.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic body massage is the massage of all three bodies: physical, emotional and mental purification. It is started with lymph opening, massage of head, back, body and face. During the pleasant procedure there are used different aromatherapy oils; some of them soothe, relax, the others provide with energy.

Chocolate therapy

Chocolate eliminates tension and stimulates mental and physical potential. This is an excellent antidepressant which stimulates good condition and helps the organism to reach the state of euphoria. Chocolate therapy for the body is not only a procedure of fragrances, relaxation and pleasure, but an effective anti-cellulite measure as well. The procedure tones and softens the skin, eliminates tension and improves mood. This is not only a gift for the body, but felicity for the soul as well ...

Gold therapy

Gold therapy: enchanting charm and sophistication. Refreshing procedure; it is performed by using „Sea gold", which surrounds the skin with a subtle golden shroud. It is an excellent measure, preventing skin aging.

Pearl therapy

SPA pearl therapy combines the sophisticated facial and body procedure. This is a temptation of black pearls on the face and white ones on the body. Pearl powder is very valued because of minerals, proteins and amino-acids existing in its content. These components are the source of beauty and excellent skin. This is the procedure, during which the skin is being moisturized, it becomes especially soft, mild and smooth.