SPA-JET multi-functional capsule
  • Weight reducing
  • Skin youthening
  • Cellulite program
  • Removal of toxins
  • Meditation of sleep
  • Vapour, mist therapy
  • Aromatherapy - vichy shower
  • Infrared rays heat
  • Vibrating massage bed
SPA - JET massage bath

This is an entire health balancing system. 26 streams of water at a time simultaneosly massage all human vital spots. Skin feels strong effect of massage, it relaxes muscles, prevents cellulite. Jets of warm and cold water activate blood circulation, reduce nervous strain, improve the activity of internal organs, stop aging. The bath is enriched with algae, minerals of the Dead Sea and salts.

Procedure of SPA-JET multi-functional capsule

The procedure in the capsule is an excellent measure, which allows to achieve a good effect of reducing weight, prevents skin aging.

Heat, emitted by infrared rays, vapour therapy, by attaching the additional complex concept, methods, devices and products via skin there removes the surplus of liquids in tissues, accumulated clinker. Peeling of warm salts, oils, natural mud, vibro massage, vichy shower, aromatherapy, springs‘ therapy is an excellent detoxication, there are decreased volumes, more stiff plain tissues.