Hydromassage (underwater massage)

Hydromassage is performed in a special bath, filled with water and with a water jet from 1 to 4 atmospheres of pressure. The effect of the procedure acts through thermal and mechanical stimulation. The procedure causes skin hyperemia, strengthens substances‘ circulation, improves blood and lymph circulation, microsurgery processes, nutrition of tissues, in the hypoderma layer there is resolved fat surplus, it improves brain blood circulation, strengthens nervous system.

Sea algae bath

Sea algae bath is rich in vitamins, microelements, lipid, amino-acids. It is applied for vertebra perversions, tendons‘ strains, for those having skin problems, feeling psychological or physical tiredness. Its effect is relaxing.

Herbal bath

Herbal (pine) bath is toning; it is applied in case of central and peripheral nervous and cardiovascular disorders, rheumatic pains, general tiredness of the organism.
Herbal (large nettle) bath is recommended for rheumatic and back aches, for prophylactic of tired or aching hands and legs.

Dead Sea mineral bath

Dead Sea salts bath stimulates relaxation, cleans skin, reduces rheumatic pains and inflammatory processes, it acts regenerating and stimulating. Salts bath is a prophylactic measure of many diseases.

Live mud remedial bath

Mud remedial bath is applied to rheumatic arthritis, chronic radiculitis, joints‘ aches, for improvement of blood circulation; it is a prophylactic measure against gynecologic disorders. It acts regenerating and stimulating, stimulates relaxation.

Cleopatra‘s bath

„Cleopatra‘s" bath is a silky milk foam for body and soul. It reduces strain, provides good mood, coddles whole body, arouses feelings, nourishes and moisturizes skin. The product is enriched with proteins and sea halogen, which turn the bath into a pure, white lake inviting You to enjoy serenity and good mood.

Red grape bath

„Red grape" bath: grape helps skin to preserve youth, elasticity. It relaxes, coddles body, arouses feelings, moisturizes, it provides skin with a special shining and vitality.

Aphrodite‘s mineral bath

Aphrodite‘s mineral bath is applied in case of minimal activity, tiredness and exhaustion. The bath improves blood circulation, enhances immune system; it is a prophylactic measure for many diseases.